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providing and expanding healthcare solutions.

Expanding Healthcare Solutions creates competitive advantages for organizations and individuals by providing solutions that achieve business and personal success.

Expanding Healthcare Solutions is a full healthcare consulting firm that provides solutions to forward-thinking healthcare leaders and organizations throughout the United States with a focus on Nurse Practitioner (NP) and Physician Assistant (PA) practice, integration, utilization, and training. At Expanding Healthcare Solutions, we believe the way to improve access to healthcare during nationwide healthcare provider shortages is to utilize the NP/PA workforce to its fullest.

our mission is to be a trusted advisor and provide respected innovative outcomes.

A Little About

Why We Are Here

Expanding Healthcare Solutions brings a unique lens to viewing problems and providing solutions. Victoria Louwagie and Jonathan Rohde, its co-founders, are both a Physician Assistant and a Nurse Practitioner, this affords a competitive edge and best positions Expanding Healthcare Solutions clients.

What We Have To Offer

  • Business Expansion
  • Strategic Staffing
  • Workforce Development and Readiness
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What We Do Best

With over over 30 years of experience in healthcare, our consultants have the knowledge and experience to develop strategies for organizations to meet the needs of their communities through the integration, development, and training of NP/PAs.  

Our consultants have helped organizations to reduce variability in NP/PA practice by:

  • optimizing institutional NP/PA practice
  • ensuring practices are designed to utilize NP/PAs to the highest level of their licensure
  • providing exemplary onboarding and training

Optimization happens by setting standards, ensuring adequate and comprehensive training, and conducting ongoing evaluations.   

A Little About

Why You Should Work With Us

  • 1

    Our consultants would love to partner with you to ensure success with recruitment, integration, and training.

  • 2

    We are able to conduct needs assessments and strategies to ensure your organization or practice is prepared to incorporate NP/PAs.

  • 3

    Our consultants have experience in a wide range of practice locations from large academic medical centers to rural critical access hospitals.  


“PA Louwagie has been an integral part of our practice’s successful NP/PA recruitment, educational training, integration and retention. She’s excellent at managing exceptions and collaborating with clinicians and operations alike. Her brave ability to have crucial conversations that require kindness yet transparency has been imperative to our growth.

—Physician, Regional Chair of Practice

"Jonathan Rohde, DNP leadership qualities have helped multiple departments to work together to grow in collaboration and collegiality. He has worked diligently to integrate and develop the new NP/PA workforce. He is dedicated to improving the care of the community and takes pride in connecting with his patients to improve their health."

—Physician, Regional Chair of Practice

“Victoria Louwagie is extremely professional, and supportive and has mentored NP/PAs to transition and bloom into full providers. I witnessed her work with multiple departments taking each identified gap and providing unique solutions”

—Physician, Department Chair
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